written by the Rev Hudson, Rector of the Parish and Mrs Hudson
The sketches were drawn by the Rev. Hudson and are readily recognisable today
see column right for confirmation of this information
looking westward toward St Mary's along Dorchester Road
St Mary's from the Rectory Garden
looking west along Dorchester Road from Rural Lane
Peacock Lodge
Southover Cottages
My name is Martin Hudson, I am Rev & Mrs Hudson's son and I live here in Chard, Somerset.

I happened upon your excellent site and noticed the History of Frampton was mentioned.  This is of interest to me as I remember my parents writing the history of Frampton and also the history of Sydling St Nicholas booklets

My father and mother collaborated in writing the text for the booklet but it was my father who drew the illustrations included in both publications.  I have at least one of his drawings in a sketch book of his.

Their time of ministry of the parishes of Frampton and Sydling St Nicholas, as it was in the late sixties/early seventies, was the happiest for them.  They lie at peace in Sydling churchyard, a most beautiful and tranquil place.

I hope that the above is of help and interest to you and the society

With very best wishes

Martin Hudson

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Peacock Bridge