The Browne and Sheridan Families
were long entwined with the parish of Frampton.
Photographs, documents and information
collected by Frampton inhabitants
give a picture of their influence on the area.
chief contributors R Lazenby and J Roper
P Cox and V Pulman supplied complimentary material
A print of St Mary's in 1700 with the Rectory to the left.
Map of Frampton House & Demense Grounds previous to the alterations carried out in 1774. 
Map of Frampton House & Demense Grounds 1818-1836
The Rectory, from the gardens opposite, 1879
The enlarged section shows houses, marked in red, on both sides of the Dorchester-Maiden Newton road. A mill stream runs from the left to a mill (circled) and back into the Frome. The Frome is bridged centrally (circled)

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Only two or three dwellings remain south of the road. The river has been straightened out and the central bridge has been moved westwards. A bridge and a road has appeared at the western (Southover) end and also at the eastern end but Peacock Lodge is not marked
This bridge was the central one and was swept away in floods in the 1970s.  It was still used until then for getting from Frampton House to St Mary's. Offers of financial help to restore and maintain it had been refused by the owner
Rectory staff early 1900s
variously known as Sandway or Samways Bridge though early photos do seem to be labelled Sandway.  The river does deposit sand along the banks when in flood which may be that is where the name came from.  However Samways is a family name in the area so perhaps the bridge later got called that as a local habit
Fox Lane, in this early 20th century photograph, is now known as Church Lane.  Note the farmhouse on the left which is still there though the gardens are now built on
Peacock Bridge 1850.  Riders on the bridge show up clearly in the reflection in the water
Peacock Lodge 1930
(including peacocks!)
lots more to come as yet
Butler, footman and outdoor staff
The Weir
Frampton Meet 1909
R B and A B Sheridan 1909
date unknown
No longer part of Frampton but an interesting photo of Grimstone Bridge
Gardeners 1908
Footman and Gamekeepers

(including Henry George Pullman 2nd L. and possibly Gibbs'
grandfather 1st L)
West Lodge and Mark Scriven (estate stone mason) late 1800s. Information thanks to Graham White.
Click on photo of Mark for further details. The photo was supplied by Michael Wright, present owner of the Lodge.  Graham White saw the photo on the website and provided the further details. Click on the photo of Mark for those
road into Frampton late 1800s
Frampton Meet 1910

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