1970 PC Tilley and Headmaster Michael Thurlow
1970 Ted Downton and Headmaster Michael  Thurlow
1970 Joan Drake wins the Mothers' Egg and Spoon race
Autumn 1956
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received from Michael Thurlow 15th April 2009

I was the headmaster of the village school before, sadly, it closed, and lived in the shool house for some time even after the closure. That was the only time in my life when i've been able to walk to work simply by going through a gate at the end of my garden.
Ted Downton, who appeasr in the second of your 1970 photographs was a good friend and I'm wondeing if your Chairman, Alan Downton, is the same person who was one of my pupils.
By the way, there is a small error in the description of that second photograph. It says the picture shows Ted Downton and PC Tilley. Actually it shows Ted and myself-Michael Thurlow (or as desribed in the previous photo Headmaster Thurlow J. P C Tilley's appearance is probably more appropriate for a headmaster - but I'm the one with the beard (all of 28 years old at the time!).
Anyway, once again thank you very much for a wonderful web page. If your Alan Downton is who I think he may be, I would love to have news about how he is doing and, perhaps, about any of his contemporaries