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James Furzey 1847-1939
Frampton Resident 1869-1901

Information provided by Tony and Lyn Archer
James aged about 90 with daughter-in-law Mary Jane Furzey (nee Reed)
Census of 1881 Southover
Introduced to Queen Elizabeth in Maumbury Rings 3rd July 1952
I took Tony and Lyn round the village one fine summer day and I think we found the houses that James lived in.
They had been told No 4 but we finally decided it must have been Elliot's house when it was three cottages
They had also thought that the family then moved to the almhouses but that would not be possible as they were indeed almhouses then.  Eventually we set on Tudor house (which would have been 4 cottage at the times)
One thing for certain was that the children would have attended Frampton School which was turned into a private dwelling in the 1970s

The modern photos were taken by Tony