All information on this page came from Steve Mead, great-grandson of James Gates

the three photographs at the bottom of the page are from various Frampton collections
James Gates
Gamekeeper to A B Sheridan 1896-1904
The Gallery, Dorchester Road 2010
Keeper's Cottage - late 1800s/ early 1900s
I attach a photo of my great grandfather James Gates which would have been taken just after he left Frampton
He was born in 1861 in Elstead Surrey and died in Hereford in 1939. The son of a poor agricultural worker he spent his whole life as a gamekeeper. He met his wfe-to-be Jessie Abbs while working on Lord Sheffield's estate on the Hogs Back near Puttenham. Jessie was a maid-in-waiting to. Lady Mabel Howard, a visitor to the estate.  James and Jessie married in 1889 in Seale near Puttenham.
James was the gamekeeper at Frampton Court from about 1896 to 1904. Four of his ten children were born in Keeper's Cottage in Frampton: Henry (1897), Wilfred (1899), Francis (1901) and Frederick (1904)
After leaving Frampton, James took up the position of underkeeper at Moyles Court near Ringwood in Hampshire.  He is mentioned in the book 'Cuckoo Hill' a diary-style account by the artist Heywood Sumner (see below).
After the Great War the Gates family settled in Herefordshire. James died in Hereford in 1939.
L-R: Frederick, Wilfred and Francis in 1908, all born in Keeper's Cottage, Frampton
photograph thought to be 1950s
I've since been to visit and elderly cousin who kindly supplied me with a photo of James, his wife Jessie andtheir children.  It was taken around the end of 1901 at Frampton (probably at the Keeper's Cottage).  The baby in the arms of Jessie is Francis George Gets, my granfather, who was born at Frampton on 14th September 1901

I have also attached a copy of my great grandfather's reference written by A B Sheridan

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