All information on this page came from Liz Mott, granddaughter of Horace Haylock. The story is one chapter of a book  written in 1980 by her father Wilfred Haylock, (named after the squire's son Wilfred Temple Sheridan), and entitled
'Once a Gamekeeper always a Gamekeeper'
This fascinating story came my way because of the webpage on the previous gamekeeper James Gates.  See link above
Link to James Gates
gamekeeper for the Sheridan Estate

Link to John Legg-Bagg
Littlewood Farm Manager, Frampton

A studio portrait of Horace Haylock
Horace Haylock
with pony and trap
Hampton Lodge c. 1904 & 2012
look closely and you can see the metal rails behind the donkey are still in place to the left of the gate
Hampton Jack with Annie Mary Haylock, thought also c 1904 as  the rider was born 1896 and is probably about eight or nine in the photo.
There was a well of fine  water at Steps Farm. It's probably still there but now there is a borehole supply.  Steps Farm is toward the other end of the valley which runs between Hampton and Frampton. It's now a bridleway