Littlewood Farm
contributed by Tim Legg-Bagg, grandson of the author

a chance encounter with Tim and his wife, while I was walking round Compton Valence, led to this excellent addition to the Frampton website

1908 with first child, Patricia
1957 with adult family
John Legg-Bagg 1874-1961
Littlewood Farmhouse as it would have looked at the time of this narrative and up to the early 1980s


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Littlewood Farm 1940s

First two of these photographs were produced by Ron Sprake (arrowed) for the Frampton Village History weekend.  He left Frampton School to take the place of men who had been called up as World War 2 progressed.  The third photo of the same event was provided in January 2015 by Wendy Atkinson from the Isle of Wight.  Dated on the reverse October 1949.  Photographer named as Leslie D Frisby, Casterbridge Studio, Dorchester
Ron on the tractor