George and Eliza Samways 1924
1917 Arthur Gray and Maud Samways
William Hillyer and Dorothy Samways 8th August 1920
Maud Gray? (nee Samways) village shop 1940s
George Samways Frampton Court 1900s
Wedding of Arthur Gray and Maud Samways 3rd August 1917
Arthur Gray is the centre figure on the left, with his family in India. The wedding certificate, this photograph and the WW1 medal award plus various pieces of information were all supplied by Alex Curtis whose father was a nephew of Arthur Gray.  His father also visited and stayed with the Grays as did another nephew, one Kenneth Hillyer (see letter and marriage below.
There are a number of Samways graves in St Mary's churchyard.  While just about possible to read them it is another matter altogether to take a legible photograph.  This one was possibly cleaned when Gladys Samways joined her husband.
There are several Samways in this photo.  I hope to add the names at some stage

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The cottages were opposite the village hall and have long since been demolished