The picture of the West Lodge and gardener is of Mark Scriven the estate stone mason.
I have this picture in our family collection.
He is buried with his wife in the church yard. Mark's daughter Alice was my grandmother,
married to Donald White also from Frampton, living in London when they married.

all information on this page came from Graham White who is researching the White and Scriven families.
The photo of West Lodge porch and Mark came from Michael Wright, present occupant of West Lodge
Mark 1842-1923 (born in Maiden Newton) was married to Harriett Dunford 1845-1927.
I have heard about the
almshouses from the tenant in 1971.
Mark also fitted the clock in the church according to my late father.
The Scrivens lived in the cottage opposite what is now the Millennium Green
I've attached a photo of my grand father Donald White with his mother
(Charlotte Saunders 1831-1905)and his sister Jane. It is assumed that
this was at Charlotte's house in Frampton.
(I have not been able to match this house to any in either Frampton or Southover DS)
Mark Scriven's grave, photo to come
The White's grave is by the church door
This 'signature' is in the loft of one of the almhouses
Photo taken by kind permission of Peter Cox
Frampton Almshouses and St Mary's clock tower

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